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    From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

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    Lesley Vance - Untitled (2013)

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    Don’t Move, Die, Resuscitate, 2005. Pascal Lièvre and Guillaume Leingre wear suits and flogg Robert Mapplethorpe’s Self-portrait (1978) to complete destruction.

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  7. mpdrolet:

    Jean-Paul Sartre on the occasion of the staging of his play The Fly" at the Hebbel-Theater, Premiere, 1948

    Fritz Eschen

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  9. regardintemporel:

    Franco Sarnari - Cancellazione Ebbrezza, 2003-2004

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  10. magictransistor:

    Jindřich Štyrský. Lautréamont, Na Hrobe, Heart Wizard, Surreal Collage (top to bottom). 1934-39. 

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  11. predormital:

    The Fountain (1930, Salvador Dali)

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  12. rawforms:

    From the studio of Francis Bacon - “Men Wrestling,” lower half of a plate from Eadweard Muybridge’s The Human Figure in Motion (Philadelphia, 1887; New York: Dover, 1955) 10 3/4 x 7 13/16 in. (27.3 x 19.9 cm).

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  13. Michelangelo PistolettoThe Ears of Jasper Johns, 1966

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